SEO stands for search engine optimization and is actually a backbone of Google or we can say that if any want to show their skills, want to provide services to the people then it must on the top searches of Google. Let take a deep look at why the demand for an SEO company is increased in Pakistan?

From the very beginning, in this growing era of technology, every manual system of organization are shifted to website or we can say that shifted to digital marketing there are many reasons of this shift such as this remove the physical space, to manipulate data speed up the computing speed and the most important thing is  that to expand their business globally. To shift your business into this digital system you must make your website with a suitable domain name and good web hosting to publish your website on the internet it is a good thing that your business globally saw by people but how?

I mean how people know that you shift your business on the internet and start providing services that are related to your business. Now, there is an important thing if your business company is brand then it does not require too much SEO for your website because it is popular among the people.

seo company in Islamabad

Why demand of SEO service in Pakistan increasing?

 There are many software house in Pakistan that provides many services such as Graphic Designing, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Virtual Assistant. It also provides a suitable Domain name and web hosting, and SEO services. you only do one thing to make your website attractive with the best look & feel, but if you are a local company and people didn’t know anything about your business then what you can do? The answer is, your website wants SEO to rank your website on the google search engine. You need an SEO expert services for this but it is better that you learn SEO yourself if not then contact an SEO company.

In Pakistan, There are many websites that are published on the internet every day but we didn’t know & google didn’t show in the searches because there is the reason, the publisher didn’t know about the policy of Google so these websites are violating the rule. When the website violates the rules of google then google drop website down and even sometimes the website is banned or removed by google. Get the SEO services from any SEO company and rank your website and earn money.

Now if we search any keywords, the most of the time website has good SEO and google show it on the top but maybe it does not fulfill your requirements so the good website maybe not on the top of the searches but in the google searches these websites need SEO and rank on the top searches. That why the demand for SEO services in Islamabad, Pakistan increases day by day.

Local SEO, global SEO & Branded SEO

Take a look at what type of your website need SEO or what is your demand. There are three kinds of SEO that is local SEO, global SEO and branded SEO. Question is which SEO is right for your website at the right time? There are different scenarios for each kind of  SEO. Local SEO means when you want to rank your website in a specific area then we called this type of SEO as local SEO when any area involves in SEO then it is referred to as local SEO. Totally opposite of local SEO is term as Global SEO when you want to rank your website globally in every country of this world. There is another kind that is used for brands, for example, Rayban, KFC, and other big international brands.

Now how SEO services demands are increasing in Pakistan. People didn’t know which type of SEO kind is used for a website. It is better to take an SEO expert advice before doing SEO itself.

Type of SEO:

There are three broad types of SEO that are On-page, Of-page & technical SEO when all three types of SEO are applied perfectly on the website then it is difficult for google to down your website it must be on the top searches. On-page SEO is more than half SEO that your website needs. On-page SEO is an important part it must be perfect according to the google policy and On-page set only one time when the website is building up. It has some important things that we discuss later on.

Off-Page SEO is done when your website builds and publishes on the internet now the off-page SEO is started by making backlinks forum posting we later discuss in the blog. Technical SEO is also important that is for relaxing google spider for clawing this also help in the ranking website but is technical to some extent.

How rank your website?

Now, how you rank your website there are some important factors that are categorized in the different sections such as some factors are related to the domain, site factors, page factors, and many others. It is necessary to chase the top of the website by just make your perfect SEO according to the google policy. Let what important factors are required :

On-page SEO Factors:

There are many factors of the On-page SEO but I show you 4 to 5 important factors that are must be perfect

  1. H1 tags: There is only one H1 tag on the web page that shows the complete idea of this specific page and the H1 tag must contain the focus keyword.
  2. Keyword research: I think this is the most important factor of on-page SEO and your whole searches are dependent upon these keywords. If your keyword research is awesome then use focus keyword 2 to 3 times in 100 words and use other LSI keywords in the content. Use the long-tail keyword in your content and rank your website on long-tail keyword and in result short tail automatically ranked.
  3. Meta title & Meta Description: when you search any keyword then the results that search engine shows I mean the links result below that are called meta titles. The meta title must start with the focus keyword. The range of Meta title is between 30 to 55 characters. The meta description is under the meta title and it also contains focus keyword and other LSI keywords. It ranges from 70 to 155 characters.
  4. Alt image: use focus keyword in alt tag to optimize images on every web page. When you search any keyword check images then it will probably your images are on the top of the list.

If you want to learn SEO then contact an SEO company that provides you SEO expert and gives their SEO services.

Off-page SEO Factors:

  1. Link building: It is very important to link your domain with higher domain authority this will help you to increase your domain authority.
  2. Inbounds & outbounds links: links that are made on the other website to land on to our webpage by clicking a link. Two types of domain do-follow and no-follow, do-follow is used when you want to increase domain authority and no-follow is just for increasing traffic. Outbounds are the link that is made on our website and to move to the other website.

Technical SEO:

  1. Sitemaps: Put all your links of the web pages in one place because when google spider comes to your website then it will crawl all the links from one place.
  2. txt: It is a text file used to disallow google not to crawl on the mentioned pages it is used to secure the website.

If you apply at least these factors I am not said that your websites are on the top but it will help you a lot. I hope this is useful and helpful for you.